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Meet Sarah

Hello! I’m a botanist, educator and artist on a mission to bring art and science closer together. I design creative experiences that connect people to nature and place through collaborative art making.

How does art connect with science? Well, they are two sides of the same coin, but somehow that got lost in the 1800’s as industrialization pushed us to specialize more and more. I believe that all people have the capacity to be artists and scientists, and that it’s critical for us to claim these abilities every day. This year, I want to help people Notice Nature Everywhere.

Work Gallery

From pollinator gardens to freshwater shores, I’m making art intertwined with science experiences to raise awareness, engage, and activate communities to better understand and care for the environment. Thinking about nature using a creative lens brings more people into the conversation about how we as humans understand and rely on the natural world for our survival. Select projects filed under work.



Botany in the Big City

Welcome Danny Seo fans! Go behind the scenes of my day with Danny, and learn about how I came to bring art and botany together.


Notice Nature Tees

To celebrate being on Naturally, Danny Seo, I am making 100 tees of my 2019 motto. It’s an invitation to appreciate nature where ever we may be, even parking lots and bus stops.


DIY Screenprinting How-To

Design and print your own leaf motif! Simple steps and plenty of photos guide you through from start to finish.