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Meet Sarah

Hello! I’m a botanist, educator and artist on a mission to bring art and science closer together. I design public art works that connect people to nature and place through collaborative art making.

How does art connect with botany? (Then again, how can it not? Science and Art only became separated as disciplines since the 1800’s). Observing, recording and sharing knowledge with others is the work of both scientists and artists. From pollinator gardens to freshwater shores, I’m using art intertwined with science to raise awareness, engage and activate communities to better understand and care for the environment. Thinking about nature using a creative lens brings more people into the conversation about how we as humans understand and rely on the natural world for our survival.

Work Gallery

I love to bring fiber art and surface design experiences to people in unlikely places, from their own gardens to the shores of Lake Superior. Through projects and workshops, I share my knowledge of plants and curiosity about the natural world in hands-on ways to get conversations going. I believe in the power of teaching ourselves by engaging our five senses, making records of what we notice whether as drawings, weavings, or something else, and sharing our findings with each other. Direct experience with nature is needed to build a society where nature can be cared for.